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Plan and simple, we love Disney and Disney Podcast. The Disney podcast community posses an amazing talent for storytelling and presenting well researched podcast that are educational and fun. Our goal at Disney Legion is to help Disney Fans navigate the Disney podcast community and find not only specific episodes on Disney topics by their favorite host, but also help them discover new podcast which will strengthen the Disney podcast community.

Our story began six months ago when I started browsing iTunes for a Disney Podcast…after about twenty minutes I got overwhelmed with the huge selection. Not knowing where to start I went with the highest rated one and subscribed. After a few weeks I got burned out of one after another top ten list and found myself wanting another perspective. I searched Disney Podcast one more time and subscribed to the first fifteen podcast listed and started listening. What I discovered was that their are so many amazing podcast filled with new perspectives and untold well researched Disney history. But iTunes and other podcast streaming services make it difficult to search for specific topics which I believe hurt ALL Disney podcast, not just the ones flying under the radar. So Disney Legion was born.

We will not rank podcast from best to worst or ask for money from one in turn giving them additional exposure…you will not find ads on our website or sponsored post. Our purpose is to support the podcast community and the listeners. We at Disney Legion are not looking to make money or have the site fees covered by ad clicks. All episodes we feature on this website are listed because we enjoyed listening to them…plain and simple. If we didn’t like an episode or had some negative thoughts about a certain segment, you will never know. The people in the Disney podcast community work tiredlessly to provide the best information for you and do it because they are passionate about it. We are here to support them and help you continue to not only support your favorite podcast, but also help you discover some other amazing episodes from other amazing Disney podcast.

Please enjoy our site, use the contact link at the top to send us questions, comments and concerns. ALSO please feel free to send us suggestions for specific episodes you think we would enjoy and in turn feature on this website.

If you would like to support this website, all we ask is that you share it with a friend, mention it on a podcast or leave a comment. In turn, hopefully we help all Disney Fans discover a new amazing podcast by the amazing Disney podcast community.

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