wedwayradiosmalllogoThis four part series explores Disneyland’s Frontierland from concept to reality. WEDway Radio leaves no rock unturned, deliver a solid well researched four part series. The listener learns the back story of Frontierland, what the park looked like on opening day and changes through the years. I found myself extending my nightly runs and hoping for red lights during my morning commute because I wanted to keep listening and learning about Frontierland. WEDway Radio consistantly delivers fantastic podcast and always uncovers tidbits I never new which helps increase my Disney knowledge. Click the link below to check out this four part series and then hang around a bit and explore many more of their amazing episodes. This podcast is worth subscribing too, you won’t be dissapointed!

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WEDway Radio S7:E3 – The Wild Westerns: Frontierland Part I

WEDway Radio S7:E4 – 1.0 Revisited: Frontierland Series Part II

WEDway Radio S7:E6 – Frontierland on TV: Frontierland Part III

WEDway Radio S7:E8 – Connecting the Eras: Frontierland Part IV